About Us

Setup.lt services:

  • Computer repair
  • Viruses and other malware cleaning
  • The new operating system (Windows, Linux) installation
  • Anti-virus software and custom software installation
  • Cooling system cleaning
  • Data Recovery
  • Screen replacement
  • Sloppy computer repair
  • Overheated computer repair
  • We perform computer diagnostics
  • And other...

Setup.lt  IT services for companies.


We offer a complete IT infrastructure maintenance management . These services are currently removing the current computer equipment failures, preventive computer verification . Mediate on the various topics related to computer hardware ( mail and website management, coordination of services with Internet providers , etc.) .


Service Pack
  • We can do basic computer maintenance and repair work;
  • Free to each computer to install Nod32 antivirus program ;
  • Mediate the various issues related to IT firms;
  • Mediate the various issues with the accounting software developers;
  • We will advise you how to optimize its internal processes;
Clients sign a contract IT department in your company offers a full IT infrastructure management . These services are removed during routine failures, preventive screenings and mediation to address various issues related to computer equipment ( mail and website management, coordination of services with Internet providers , etc.) .
Setup.lt computer repair center


 Setup.lt - is a computer hardware service , performing computer repair and maintenance. Have extensive experience in the IT industry, we are proud to offer you a professional , reliable performance at a low price. Taking a step with perfecting technologies are constantly expanding range of services . Setup.lt computer repair shop specializing in all types of computer repairs. We are responsible and reliable, because to the best results , deliver on our promises and commitments. The major part of the fault (~ 80 %) remove the same day. We have a lot of computer hardware components , so we can offer you new and used parts .