Kompiuterių remontas

Work listPrice without VAT
Level I diagnosis Free
Level II diagnosis, repairing setup.lt Free
Level II diagnosis, if the computer repair is not carried out From 10
Viruses ant other malware cleaning - no system recovery  20
Operating system disaster recovery From 20
New operating system (Windows, Linux) installation 25
Drivers, antivirus and user software installation, updates (whole set) 20
User data transfer (email, documents, desktop) From 20
Inside unit installation, power supply changing From 5
Cooling system cleanup, termopasty changing From 25
Motherboard replacement - without operating system recovery From 15
Motherboard replacement - with operating system recovery From 30
Moterboard replacement - with operating system reinstalling From 30
Motherboard repairing with new chip From 50
Optical (CD, CDRW, Combo, DVD, DVDRW) device changing From 5
Keyboard change From 10
Keyboard key repairing From 5
Sloppy computer cleaning and drying From 40
Screen changing From 20
Power adapter repairing From 10
Broken power jack repairing From 10
Screen hinges changing From 15
Various electronic repairs From 25